not quite right

The title of this blog was meant to read: ‘almost ready for the roof’ but that was some time ago. and by now the roof is actually on and we are just waiting for some flashings to finish it off…

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What happens to a steep clay bank that has been cooking under the sun for the whole summer when the first heavy rain comes? We are talking about NZ conditions, a harsh, relentless sun in summer and rainfalls with water pouring from the sky as if a giant tap was open right above your head. Well yes it all crumbles away and follows the laws of gravity with everything up there ending further down, more or less far away depending on how lucky you are.

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farming life 2

Our second half of this year’s farming life wasn’t just as easy as the start. Our sheep gave us a bit of work and worry with their feet. Even though we checked them well at shearing, culling everything dodgy and looking well after the rest, our ewes turned on us with quite a lot of lame feet after summer (around 20% of the flock). Continue reading


One of those things that we are doing while we wait for the building of the house to start is fencing. Not the sport with a funny hat, we are talking about proper fencing. Fencing for real blokes!

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