power to us !

Bzzzzz, pfrrrrt, puff ! NO, non of this, no black faces and no curly hair ! Just pure electricity – powered by the sun!


What happens to a steep clay bank that has been cooking under the sun for the whole summer when the first heavy rain comes? We are talking about NZ conditions, a harsh, relentless sun in summer and rainfalls with water … Continue reading

farming life 2

Our second half of this year’s farming life wasn’t just as easy as the start. Our sheep gave us a bit of work and worry with their feet. Even though we checked them well at shearing, culling everything dodgy and … Continue reading


One of those things that we are doing while we wait for the building of the house to start is fencing. Not the sport with a funny hat, we are talking about proper fencing. Fencing for real blokes! … Continue reading