power to us !

Bzzzzz, pfrrrrt, puff !
NO, non of this, no black faces and no curly hair ! Just pure electricity – powered by the sun!

It all went smooth. Batteries in the box: 24 cells at 2V in series gives us a system voltage of 48V. Cables, fuse boxes and of course the pre wired ‘Power Flex’ from Outback Power. There is a charge controller on it which uses the power from the solar panels to charge the batteries, and of course an inverter which turns this then into AC240V – like every other household uses as well. But more on this technical details later.
Because we prepared a lot our selves (panels, cables, battery box with stair case, switch board) it went simply and quick ‘up and running’. Plug and play in other words.

At the moment we don’t use much power. There is only an electric fence unit that keeps the sheep at bay and the possums out of the orchard. Otherwise we might use a power tool for our projects and later…. when it then finally happens: to build the house.

in the other half of the box there is the generator - mostly unused
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  1. Hey Beni

    Es gibt ja den Witz: “Gott sprach es werde Licht, doch er fand den Schalter nicht.” Das kann man bei dir nicht behaupten! 🙂

    Liebe Grüsse


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