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The title of this blog was meant to read: ‘almost ready for the roof’ but that was some time ago. and by now the roof is actually on and we are just waiting for some flashings to finish it off…

The builders are working on other projects, that gives us time to tidy up some little bits and pieces and preparing for the next big move. We have painted the barge boards / fascias and pre-painted the soffits. These are the boards to go up under neath the overhang of the roof.

We are doing some progress, but the weather is rather yucky! the wind comes often from the north and east – that’s the wind we are not sheltered from, and usually warm, right now its cold, and on top often rainy! This then is drawing off more of your energy, makes a day longer and harder some how. That’s right I might should have a rest as well…. a day to sleep in, maybe? It hasn’t happen for long. But every one is making pressure…time is ticking, every day we have the scaffold around the house the dollar drops… The builders have another big project starting mid of next month, so they won’t be able to come back after that, or maybe for short time only.
Now this all sounds quite negative, ay? But there are the positive things as well! It’s just a bit hard, right now! I (Ben) still didn’t regret buying this piece of land, planing our House and actually building it, is more and more exciting every day. (If I can get the time to actually realize what we have achieved to day, or the day before…..)
So yes, it’s still all good! Next big step is getting it closed in, so we can get rid of the scaffold and then it will be weather tight and (at least from outside) looking like our real house!!!

So enough for now, dessert is calling


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