It’s now 2015, January the third. We are past the magic date of one year building….

not quite right

The title of this blog was meant to read: ‘almost ready for the roof’ but that was some time ago. and by now the roof is actually on and we are just waiting for some flashings to finish it off…

power to us !

Bzzzzz, pfrrrrt, puff ! NO, non of this, no black faces and no curly hair ! Just pure electricity – powered by the sun!


One of those things that we are doing while we wait for the building of the house to start is fencing. Not the sport with a funny hat, we are talking about proper fencing. Fencing for real blokes! … Continue reading

shed roof’n cladding

It was time to put the hat on. The roof guys came to measure what we have built exactly so that they can cut the iron exactly ‘to measure’.