about us

Our family: Del, Ben and our cute little daughter Jelsha.

Our farm: 549 Ruarangi Road, Mangapai, Northland, New Zealand.

We live on the top of a valley with some nice views over the surrounding countryside, mostly rolling grassy hills and native bush. We are looking after some 100+ ewes with their lambs and a few beefies. In the future you can expect the different animals to only grow in numbers and diversity.
The main reason why we decided to write a blog like this is because we are building a house on our little slice of paradise, all from scratch on a green corner of a paddock, and we would like to share this experience with our faraway family and friends and generally all the people who accompany us on this journey, closely or distantly.
The big picture is to build off-grid, being self-sufficient in power and water. The house itself, with a passive solar design, is meant to be naturally cool in summer and warm in winter. We plan to build as much as we can ourselves but still play with the rules of modern building in a modern society, like the Whangarei District Council we live in and all its building consents and regulations.

For some of you it might be interesting to just watch how the project is progressing. Some others may want to come and stay with us for a while and give us a hand, leaving a little trace of themselves into our big enterprise. And some others may find inspiration here for their own projects. Whatever your reasons, if you feel like it, please contact us, we are always happy to chat, we can always find a way to accommodate visitors and helping hands. This place is an endless source of jobs you can join in, big or small, even if it’s just hunting for the turkeys for our dinner plate!

Happy reading !